About us

Our Clients

We work with forward thinking clients in both the startup and enterprise sectors.

Cloudfinch is a boutique technology services firm that builds business centric applications. We design, develop and deploy critical applications onto cloud platforms. Our team has a strong passion in developing modern, scalable and responsive applications in a never-ending quest to delight our customers. We offer end-to-end services for customers, right from project inception to deployment and support. We are pioneers in building and migrating applications for cloud infrastructures right from the early days of cloud computing. We have clients in both the Public and Private Sector, catering to fields as diverse as Logistics, Healthcare, Nutrition, Education, Energy and Retail. Cloudfinch is based in Mumbai, India.

Following are few of the solutions we offer:

  • Enterprise Solutions: World-class enterprise solutions that exceed¬†expectations. Delivered on time, within budget.
  • Cloud Computing: Our cloud computing specialists focus on achieving scalability, while decreasing cost of ownership and reducing risk.
  • Big Data: Big data solutions to provide powerful Business Intelligence and Analytics. Convert your immense data into a competitive advantage.
  • Mobile Applications: We deliver custom mobile applications across IOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5 and Hybrid.
  • E-Commerce solutions: We build highly efficient end-to-end eCommerce solutions in the Online Retail space as well as B2B and B2C marketplaces.
  • Websites: All in one website CMS solutions to take care of your branding, SEO and Social Media integration.
  • Internet Of Things: Leverage our Cloud Computing Infrastructure to seamlessly connect IOT devices to the cloud, enable remote services and provide actionable data.


Design philosophy:
Our products and solutions are based on a design philosophy of simplicity and minimal cognitive load. To achieve this, our solutions are built to be immediately intuitive to your clients, customers and employees. Minimizing cognitive load reduces the total amount of mental effort involved in using a software. Reducing this will help your team concentrate more on their tasks. All solutions are built to be responsive from the ground up, i.e. the applications adapt themselves to the device they are viewed on (Desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles).

We are an AWS (Amazon Web Services) partner. Most of our applications and solutions are deployed on AWS throughout the globe. Our applications are built to be fault-tolerant, redundant, and auto-scalable. With AWS from an infrastructure perspective, you benefit with zero CapEx, no upfront commitment, easy and immediate procurement, pay per use, high security, scalability and flexibility.

Why Cloudfinch?

  • Save Money and achieve Efficiency: We have been helping both startups and well-established enterprises since 2011 to save costs through our highly scalable delivery methods.
  • Service Focussed Development Teams: Your project will benefit from sustained support and services from our team
  • Best solutions: Our rigorous Quality Management systems ensure excellent product quality and effective User Interfaces.